Eyelash extensions are zero-effort glam to look gorgeous 24/7. You don’t need to apply mascara or fake eyelashes daily. They are semi-permanent so may not look as polished after a month. Eyelash extension longevity depends on the natural lash shedding cycle. It can last for 3 to 4 weeks or maybe 6 to 8 weeks. If taken good care you can maintain them well and expand their life. When you start noticing, lash extension natural look is fading away, you may decide to get a refill or want to get rid of a few strangles left stuck. Although expert removal in the salon is recommended you can remove them at home too.

When they should be removed

There are certain times when it’s better to remove extensions than to stay in an uncomfortable position. Although there might be many reasons, a few common you should keep in mind are explained here. Keep a keen eye on these to avoid any discomfort.

  • Poor lash application

Sometimes lash extensions procedures go wrong. Lashes may clump due to excessive glue, or stuck to skin. The size seems completely inappropriate. Removing them is better.

  • Poor handling

They may be handled poorly, heat curler or mechanical eyelash curler has damaged them badly.

  • Allergy or eye surgery

Someone is suffering from an eye allergy or going to have eye surgery and is advised to take off the lashes.

  • Change in style

Someone needs a total style change, for example, bold to lash extension natural look. Before complete shedding, someone wants a new look.

  • Maintenance issue

Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain them for a longer period. The lash extension refills cost a lot some may ask to remove left over’s for lack of finances.

  • Need a break

A much-needed break may also demand a lash removal.

How to remove lash extensions at home

Your eye area is very delicate and sensitive. It’s always advised to leave lash removal to the Pro. They have the necessary equipment, tools to strip of profession grade glue. If you feel brave enough to handle lash removal at home, a few tips, tricks, and cautions can help remove them safely.

Professional lash glue removal

Eyelash extension glue is very strong, your everyday eye makeup or lash glue remover is not enough to slide of professional glue.

  • Buy a lash extension glue remover made to dissolve lash glue from a drugstore. It should be a professional-grade glue remover.
  • Remove makeup, mascara, all the dust, and debris with normal eye makeup remover. Your eyes should be completely clean.
  • Secure under eyes with eye pads.
  • Start with one eye as you would need to close your eye throughout the procedure. Once finished, switch to next.
  • Either soak a cotton pad in remover and gently apply it to lashes or take a clean mascara brush, dip it in the remover and apply it on lashes.
  • Your eyes should remain closed until the whole procedure is completely done.
  • Wait for 3 minutes, ensure lash glue is started to loosen up.
  • Gently wipe down loosened lash strands. Again use cotton swabs or another soft clean mascara brush.
  • While using the applicator, gently brush through lashes from mid to tips of lashes. Brush until you can see shorter and even lengths of natural lashes separated.
  • After removing lashes, clean eyes and lashes with regular eye makeup remover.
  • Repeat the process on another eye

Important Note

  • Take help of a friend it will be great rather than doing it on your own.
  • Before buying remover, ask your lash service provider which formula of adhesive they’ve applied. Purchase suitable remover accordingly
  • Read the instructions carefully. Different brands instruct different waiting times for adhesive to dissolve.
  • Don’t let the remover enter your eyes, it’s extremely harmful. In case it happens. Splash clean pure water and immediately consult the doctor.

Steaming and oil

Steam and oil both can help in removing lash extensions at home. This is a natural and harmless process. Even then stay careful.

1st Step

  • Your eyes should be free of makeup, cleanse them well.
  • Fill a bowl with steaming hot water
  • Place it over a place where you can bend down or sit comfortably bending over it.
  • Lean over the bowls and drab the towel around, to trap the steam in.
  • Remain in this position for 15 minutes. Steam will loosen lash glue bonds. It will help slide down soft lashes easily.

2nd Step

  • Take olive or coconut oil. Dip a cotton swab, Q-tip, or small makeup sponge (generously wet it in oil)
  • Gently swipe over lashes, starting from inner corners. Swipe it several times to completely coat the lashes with oil.
  • Keep swiping until you notice lashes coming out. The movement should be gentle and slow. Don’t rush or get harsh it will harm your natural lashes.
  • Make sure oil doesn’t enter your eyes.
  • If needed, use more oil to soften the lashes. Repeat the cleaning process until you feel comfortable.
  • Wash your face and let your lashes rest. Don’t worry if you find some lashes still intact.
  • You can repeat the process after a day’s rest.

apply lash extensions at home

Few cautions before removing them at home

  • If suffering from any severe reaction or allergy, it can be due to undiagnosed cyanoacrylate allergy (lash adhesive component) or some other eye issue. DON’T TRY IT AT HOME. Consult the experts.
  • Take the help of a friend if possible.
  • Don’t pull, prick, rub or try to drag lashes harshly. It can harm natural lashes.
  • Don’t try to use tweezers to pluck during any process, you risk damage. Plucking can cause breakage of natural lashes.
  • If you want to expedite the lash extension shedding. Start taking hot showers. Use oil-based makeup remover in routine to gradually loosen the glue.

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Take Away                            

When your lash extensions’ natural look starts ruining, and there are inevitable circumstances when you can’t go for a professional lash extension removal. These safe damage-free methods are approved by the experts. When doing it yourself take precautionary measures as explained above, Be careful about sanitary and safety conditions. Consult your doctor immediately if anything irritates your skin. Pamper your lashes after removal with lash serum or castor oil.

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