What are summers for you? Probably, for most of us “The holiday season” It’s a fresh, joyful, and thorough fun time. The open blue skies invite us to lounge under the sun, swim in pools, dance around the bonfire, and travel to the beeches.  All in all, summer makes us agile and urges us to increase exercise sessions. And then, of course, summer is a lot more about flaunting your natural beauty, leaving tons of makeup aside, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be glamorous on hot days. In your low-maintenance summer beauty regime, Lash extensions are an amazing natural-looking glam. With lash extensions on you can feel put-together and confident effortlessly during the holidays. This is a handy option to ditch mascara or strip lash application while partying with friends and family.

What apprehends us is the lash extension care, we fear outdoor activities in warm humid weather can affect lash retention. We do agree lash extensions aftercare is essential while enjoying summer so we’ve some fail-safes to ensure their longevity.

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Exposure to direct sunlight

All outdoor activities simply mean direct sunlight exposure. Direct exposure to sunlight for a long time is not good for lash extensions. However high temperatures from the weather are manageable. You can wear sunglasses, hats, or sun-visor caps to protect false lashes from direct contact with sunlight.

Sunscreen application

Sunscreen application is part of our summer beauty regime, it must be as sunscreen is your skin savior from UV rays. Subject to lash extension care, sunscreen has earned a bad reputation. In fact, anything in makeup that is oil-based can affect the longevity of lash extensions.

Don’t quit your skin essential, rather avoid applying it on lashes. Even if you’re using water-based sunscreen keep it away from lashes and the area around them.

Humid climate

If you live in a humid climate or decided to take a tropical vacation lash extension care is part of your deal. For extra care, you can use a lash sealant to provide a layer of protection, they’ll keep your lashes locked and in place.


You can enjoy swimming in a tropical paradise as well as in the nearest swimming pool. First, let’s talk about swimming in pool water, pool water contains chlorine that can loosen lash extension glue if you stay long in the water. Besides, that friction caused due to movements can break down the bond of glue faster. To avoid the massive damage consider wearing goggles that don’t touch your lashes.

Now what if you swim in salty sea water, it’s as damaging as chlorine. Salt in seawater is very corrosive, it can break the link of lashes resultantly they’ll detach quickly. Here again, make sure you wear comfortable goggles and do not spend too much time in seawater.

After swimming often we itch to rub the eyes, don’t do this instead gently wipe off under and above eyes, If some water is there just pat dry your eyes. At this point, the most important thing is rinsing your lashes with plain water whenever you come out of the pool or seawater.


Summer and sweating go hand in hand, you can’t go without sweating in summer, especially with physical, and outdoor activities. Sweat has salt deposits and natural oil from your skin that settles down on your lash extensions and can make your false lashes clumpy and crusty. To avoid harm to lashes, always keep a soft handy-towel or handkerchief with you. While you are on the sports ground, playing beach volleyball, or hiking around wear a headband, scarf, sun visor, or a cool P-cap to restrict sweat from reaching your false lashes.

Exercise with lash extensions

The openness of summer craves us to join gym activities. We can understand the desire for a good workout but the fear of losing lash extension strands. You can do cycling, squads, treadmill sprints, and bench press without worrying about your false lashes just follow some lash extension care gym rules

First of all, don’t apply any face cream, SPF, or skin care liquids on your forehead, as they can mix with sweat and drip on your lashes. They can break down the bond of lash adhesive. Secondly, don’t let the sweat reach your lashes wear a headband, or keep absorbing it in a small towel. If there is any doubt, once you finish your workout rinse your lashes with plain water to freshen them up. Most importantly, don’t plan work out right after lash extensions wait for 24 hours at least, and don’t plan lash fills right before a workout session.

Bone fire, Bar-B-Q nights

Can you stay away from Bar-B-Q nights, and bonfire dance during your trips? Your faux synthetics may need your attention here. Coming close to a bonfire, grills, and open ovens can burn, melt, or make them clumpy. Don’t leave the activities, we just suggest staying cautious and alert and maintaining a certain distance to keep your lashes nice and intact.

Spray Tanning

Loving a spray tan during summers is no wonder, after all, you want to flaunt your gorgeous outfits and bikini on your sunkissed skin. Spay-tan is totally possible with lash extensions on. You need to follow some protective measures to enjoy the magical mist. No#1 Cover your eyes and lashes to protect them from the moisture of the spray. To add another protective layer, coat your lashes with a lash sealant, and last but not least cleans your lashes after tanning even if the lashes didn’t come into contact with the golden mist.

Keep your lash extensions clean

The golden rule of lash extension care is keeping them clean. Rinse them with clean water as soon as you are back home after a day’s hectic activities. Brush them daily with a soft clean spooli brush. And keep oil-based makeup, creams, and lotions away from your lovely lash extensions to ensure their long beautiful-looking life.

Choose a high-quality brand for your extension purchase

High-quality means better results. For your lash extension supplies select a brand like APPEARANZ that ensures supreme quality material at a reasonable price. Everything here is versatile, vegan, cruelty-free, and lightweight. Come and experience the difference that comforts your eyes.

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Take Away

Enjoy your summer pleasure times with friends and family, and forget worrying about your lashes. These lash extension care fail-safe suggestions are enough to keep your lash extensions in place for long. Keep up your healthy lifestyle without compromising your glam looks. Stay and feel good, it’s important.

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