The last decade has witnessed an eccentric wave in the beauty industry. Every single gal got obsessed with fluttering, luscious lashes. Among all lash-enhancing aids, charismatic lash extensions have won the heart of all makeup mavens.  This gorgeous trend didn’t fade away with time instead leaped ahead with ever-growing, inventory additions.

The latest and hottest trend buzzing around is colored lash extensions. Black is there with all its glory but more and more lash lovers are asking for striking, vibrant hues. The lash parlors are offering very artistic and dramatic color designs for many adventurous clients. Know why they are trending fast and try these inspiring, fun colors to adorn your eye this season.

Why colored lash extensions?

Just like outlandish hair dyes, colored lashes got viral due to their extensive eye-catching appeal. Colors lined up on your eyes allow you to stand up in the crowd so if you are a trend-setter fashionistas take advantage of this emerging trend. There exist true reasons to follow this trend.

  • The hues help express your creativity and personality by popping up eyes in a way that black or regular false lashes can’t.
  • Colored lashes go beyond simply enhancing your eyes, they enhance and complement eye & hair colors. You can match bright hair tones to lash color for a striking playful look.
  • They add depth and definition to your eyes along with all the advantages of regular lash extensions such as; they’ll add volume and length to natural lashes for at least 2 to 6 weeks without the need for makeup.
  • They are the best choice for cosplay characters, Halloween, some special occasions, theatrical performances, and above all glamorous social media looks.
  • Colored lash extensions aftercare doesn’t require extra efforts they are just like regularly extended fringes.
  • They are a great way to bypass the clumpy mess of colored mascara providing you with an easy road to extraordinary lashes for a longer time.

Colored lash extension ideas trending at the moment

This decade is all about breaking traditional makeup norms and creating new exciting movements. Feeling the pulse of time lash artists has introduced various color styles in lash extensions, choose one of these to rock in vogue eye looks.

Ombre lashes

After reigning the hair color world, the Ombre lashes are having a moment. Ombre lashes have a hint of natural lash shade at the roots that makes them subtle yet flattering. Ombre lashes start with natural lash color which can be black or brown, the color gradually fades into another color towards the tips. The tips are usually lighter or bright colored. The gradient hues look cool and funky. You won’t need an eyeliner to pop your eyes due to the dark lash line of the Ombre.

The most popular colors in Ombre lashes are blues, purple, bright pink, green, and browns. Many lash studios are offering Ombre lashes with endless color choices.

Ombre lashes have an advantage in giving extra depth and volume. They are ideal for people having sparse light lashes to create an illusion of fuller longer lashes with a fun touch of color.

Bright-colored lash extensions

For festive and fun looks bright, vibrant colors are excellent. If you are going to have a fun holiday, a special performance, a cosplay character, or a theme party, vibrant hues can say all for your particular look. You can create the required drama and effect just by adding a suitable hue to your lashes.

Red lashes

Red lashes look hot, spicy, and sassy. This fiery red color is perfect to show your spirit, match your costume, or compliment your green eye color. It’s perfectly suitable for many Halloween and cosplay characters. Villainous characters can look vicious in red lashes and at the same time a sexy red hot dress is complimentary to them. Wear these color fringes for Christmas galas, or parties to pay homage to Santa Claus.

Green lashes

This spring hue can pop your brown eyes like anything. Green is a very rare shade but can diversify eye looks instantly. Experiment with different tones of green for pristine detailed eye looks.

Blue lashes

Let the blue hues do all the statement-making for you. This icy tone brightens up the brown eyes. Lash extensions have a wide range of blue shades to compliment, amber-eyes, hazel eyes, and blue eyes. Your special character appearances can benefit the most from blue tones, add it to the eyes of Elsa from Frozen and flaunt her ice-blue eyes.

Purple lashes

Purple is one bold color to spice up your looks. It creates depth to blue eyes. Purple lashes make brown eyes look wider bigger and intensify all brown shade. Green eyes get a blazing glare under purple fringes. Blue eyes look graceful and trendy with purple lash extensions. Choose a deep green to accentuate hazel eyes.

Rainbow lash extensions

Women who love design thinking should have extraordinarily designed rainbow lashes. What an exceptional look several hues create when arranged strategically on natural fringes. You can choose a unique color spectrum to throw mesmerizing looks. The full classic set looks amazing when colorful fluff is spread on the eyes.

The rainbow trend fits well with hippie characters and mermaid’s eyes. You can also set your IG fed on fire by incorporating a dazzling makeup look or matching your rainbow hair wig.

Create a unique effect

Colored extensions don’t necessarily need to be bold and fully colored. There are options to create certain effects by using combinations. This popular method applies a percentage of colored lashes combined with regular black or brown lashes. This way you can achieve a mix of a bold and subtle look. The combo lashes are the right choice for women going for colored options for the first time. Once they are confident to carry the look they can go all the way to a fuller color switch.

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Take Away

What’s so awesome about colored lash extensions is that they have no limits. They have incredible potential to stylize your looks, enhance eye and hair color, and make you the center of attention instantly. You can get any complimentary hair color till they are on. For costume or theme parties colored fringes will be the extra highlight. Most importantly colored lash extension care is super easy.

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