You are thinking about having a lash extension? That’s a great decision. Before that, you should know a little about what type of eye extension you are going to have. Leave the rest on your stylist.

Your eyelash extension selection depends upon the shape of your eyes, eyelids, eyebrows, cheekbones, and face-cut. Your lifestyle is a key factor too. Last but not the least, at which level you can maintain them.

When deciding on the eye extensions it is recommended to discuss them With your stylist and then select the perfect one for you.:

Types of lashes extensions by materials:

There are a few different types of material available for eyelash extensions. You can choose a lash type according to your budget and the look you desired the most. The most common types are natural and man-made. Natural lashes extensions include mink, sable, fox fur, and human hair. Man-made lashes include faux Mink, synthetics.

Natural lash extensions:

These are typically made of natural animal fur; sable, fox, mink. These lash strands are very fine and look natural. Natural material lashes are expensive. If you are allergic or have ethical concerns you can avoid these.

Diffrent lash extensions

Man-made materials:

Such lash extensions are made from synthetic or acrylic fibers. They are usually made from PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) fiber. Synthetic lashes are shinier, cheaper, and durable than man-made lashes. Synthetic lashes are thick and heavier than natural lashes. They are cruelty-free. Man-made are the most common types in use nowadays are:

Faux mink

Faux Mink is the most common type of eyelash extension, made of synthetic material. They are considered the best substitute for the real mink. Fake mink lashes are really good in quality and mimic the real mink exactly.  There are several reasons for their popularity.

  • The utility and durability:
  • Fake mink lashes are durable and can last for 20 days (average)
  • Natural to dramatic looks:
  • Faux mink lashes are very fine and thin like your lashes. You can find a natural-looking pair.  on the other hand, they are available in semi-dramatic to the most dramatic looks.
  • Vegan, Cruelty –Free:
  • They are made of synthetic fiber. No animal is harmed for its production.
  • Dramatic volume:
  • Although they are fine, volume faux mink eyelash extensions are also available. They are fluffy and voluminous, your eyes pop up extremely well.
  • Lightweight and glossy
  • In comparison to other synthetic lashes, faux minks are Lightweight. They do not weigh much on your natural lashes and prevent them from harm. The beautiful luster of the fiber makes them glossy and glowing.

Faux Silk lashes:

Silk lash is made of synthetic silk, not the actual silk. The fiber is gentle and durable. They fall between the dramatic and natural-looking lashes. Silk is less glossy than mink, they are semi-matte. Silk lash follows the natural lash pattern thicker at the bottom and thin at the tips. If you want to look not too bold silk lashes is the right choice for you

Types of eye extensions by application style:

Material is just a part of its types, we can know eye extensions according to their application methods. Let’s have look:

There are three major types

  • The classic eyelash
  • Volume lash extensions
  • Hybrid lash extensions

The classic lash:

The most popular and common application style of eye extension is classic lashes. They are simple, fine, and natural-looking. Despite that they make your eyes stand out on your face, soft, bright, and wide.

One lash strand is attached to one natural lash to bounce up the natural volume. You can choose from any length and thickness to get your desired look.

Volume lashes:

As the name suggests, they are volumized, heavy creating a glamorous fluff along with your eyes. In this application, a bunch of 3 to 5 individual lashes are stuck to your natural lash.  Different combinations of these lash clusters can create different looks.

Hybrid Lash extensions:

Classic and volume lash styles are combined to create a hybrid eyelash extension. This technique of applications provides you with flattering fullness and texture. They are a perfect blend of both that gives you length and volume in one package.

The difference among three types:

The classic lash extension will not add much volume instead it will increase the length of the lash line. They will look thin and fine like natural lashes and it will be hard to say you are wearing them. Volume eye extensions have diversity you can add volume and fullness as much as you want from mild to full drama look.

Hybrid has a big advantage you can create volume at a particular place by adding clusters.  Individual classic lashes will fill the rest. The look will remain natural yet stylized.

Eyelash extensions lengths, curls, and size:

When you decide to go for a lash extension, after selecting material and style you need to look at the lengths, curls, and thickness. These are the factors on which your final lash extension style depends. Whatever material you choose, you will find variations in sizes, lengths, and curls. After discussing with your stylist select the best suitable for you.


The most common lengths are between 5mm to 15mm. very few go for more than this range. it is advised by the stylist to go for the lengths that match your natural lengths, otherwise, they will weigh on your lashes and can cause damage.


It is evident man-made lashes have better and long-lasting curls. Natural hair is straight and loses its curls easily. Synthetic fibers are durable and hold their curl even after moistened. For all types of eye extensions curl is represented by alphabets.” J” curl is the most natural and “C” can create a little drama.


The diameter or thickness of the lash starts from 0.05 to 0.30mm. thin eye extensions look natural and are lightweight. Thick will be heavier too and stress your natural lashes.

Final words:

Eyelash extensions are mostly applied by experts, they demand a certain technique and in-depth knowledge of the art. But if you are interested enough you can learn the art and can easily apply it at home. All you would need is practice.

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