Lash extensions are painless, that’s for sure. More to say, Lash extensions don’t hurt if safely applied by an expert licensed artist, and you are steady to follow lash extension aftercare. The process is so simple and comfortable that many people fall asleep during the lash application. The problems occur only when the procedure goes wrong, and you are careless about them.

To make you more aware of this lash enhancing procedure, here we’ve lined up how they can hurt you and what are the reasons behind it. Knowing all the facts you’ll be ready to overcome all the problems before your next appointment.

Comparison of female eyes before and after eyelash extension
Comparison of female eyes before and after eyelash extension

What is hurting you during the procedure?

Know one thing, the lash extension procedure should be relaxing and comfortable anything beyond this is alarming.  If you are feeling burnt, tingling, and in pain, it’s time to change your lash artist. For the following reason, have no doubts, that your lash artist is not skilled.

Glue is not right for you

Lash extension glues are very strong and contain some harsh chemicals. The glue ingredients emit fumes that can cause tingling, irritation, or watery eyes. A little of it is bearable but if anything goes beyond your tolerance level, it simply means the glue is not right for you.

  • Another reason can be the low and poor quality of the glue applied.
  • Maybe the glue ingredient cyanoacrylate (notorious for causing allergy) is causing an Allergic reaction

A good skilled lash artist discusses your allergies and takes a patch test before going ahead. If this is the way he started lashes extension will not hurt you.

Poor quality products

Lash extension is a costly procedure but if you choose a cheap one you’ll have to pay the price the other way. A cheaper procedure means low-quality products, glues, cleaners, primers, taps, and pads.

Secondly, The quality is affected by the product storage method too, if your lash salon doesn’t store the product properly to save the efficacy of products they’ll become a reason for your discomfort.

Improper technique

Lash extensions are applied to an individual natural lash with specific techniques. A minor careless act of the technician can hurt you badly. Some wrong techniques that can cause discomfort are:

  • Faux lashes adhere to your natural lashes if the glue or lash is accidentally attached to your eyelid It’ll hurt your eyes badly.
  • If faux lash is applied to several natural lashes it creates clumps. Clumps cause an unbearable tension and discomfort when you try to blink your eyes
  • Excessive use of glue may cause some natural and faux lashes to attach and feels uncomfortable
  • Some inexperienced lash artists attach lashes very close to eyelids which means they keep poking your lids, pinching you all the time.

Wrong choice of extension

Again expertise of lash artists ensures painless, perfect lash application. A wrong selection of lash style that doesn’t match your natural lash strength is painful afterward. However, sometimes clients insisted on having long, heavy, dramatic lashes. A good lash artist plays his role here by explaining to you how it can hurt your eyes.

Remember, the Eyelash extension should feel light as if nothing is applied. It’s important to choose a style that your delicate natural lashes can support effortlessly. Faux lashes will definitely hurt if they are too heavy, long, or dramatic beyond your natural lash strength. The consistent use of such heavy lashes can weaken hair follicles leading to lash hair loss. So the key is choosing the right style that doesn’t weigh heavy on natural lashes.

For lightweight quality, lash extension supplies be a part of APPEARANZ lash world. The high-quality lash extension supplies are father-weight and soft. Designed under expert qualified technicians to provide you with utmost comfort and relief.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions, make-up, cosmetics concept. Close up

Mistakes on your end

Not just lash artists, products and procedures are culprits, it can be you also. See how you are responsible for your discomfort

Your selection of salon

All the faults owing to lash artist roots out from your salon selection. It’s completely in your hand to research and find a qualified expert artist. In case you are going for the cheaper procedure to save some bucks, you are responsible for the ramification. So be vary steady while choosing your lash tech to avoid pain and disappointment.

Your eyes are not closed during the procedure

During the lash extension process, your eyes are supposed to be closed all the time. If you are blinking or opening them you might get hurt. Especially opening your eyes when lash glue is freshly applied and not cured completely yet, you can experience severe irritation and watery or red eyes.

Touching and tugging

It’s often seen newbies’ to lash extensions tend to touch and tug lashes to see how strongly they are fixed. It’s quite a bad habit for your natural lashes, unnecessary touches can directly cause pain to your eyelids and lash line.

Rubbing your eyes

After lash extensions feeling a little heavy for a while is normal. Some of you may urge to rub your eyes vigorously right after application. It’s definitely not right. The lashes and glue take a few hours to settle if you try to rub or start splashing water it’s not gonna do you any favor instead you will be left with irritation, red eyes, or itchiness. Be patient and let them sit without touching them. Even after that don’t try to rub your eye, the stress can damage your natural lashes.

Poor cleansing routine

Oftentimes, your unhygienic routine is the direct cause of lash extension irritation. Not cleaning makeup residuals, dirt, or mascara leftovers can cause itching or irritation around the lashline.

Lash extensions are not right for you

May sound weird, but it’s a fact. There are good and bad candidates for lash extensions. They’ll hurt you in case you have broken, irritated skin, or trichotillomania, especially if you’ve got a history of skin reaction to eye makeup products, latex, or any ingredient used in glues. Please don’t go for it, if you are not a suitable candidate for lash extensions.

Take Away

Lash extensions don’t hurt at all, to avoid any hurtful situation or discomfort talk to your trusted lash artist. Discuss everything about the procedure, your apprehensions, the expected outcome, and the lash extension aftercare. We humbly suggest to be cautious of cheap lash extension services, cheap service providers may be cutting corners in some way, and they will take a heavy toll on your eye’s health.

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