Will you permit your younger sister to do lash extensions after watching tons of youtube tutorials?

Absolutely not!

Lash extensions are not an eye makeup thing anyone can do at home having little knowledge. It requires a lot of training and expertise under an experienced trainer. Most women are disappointed with their artificial fringes just because of the untrained, amateur, lash artist.  Entrusting your sensitive eyes to a non-professional lash technician is a big mistake. It’s imperative to know if someone is eligible to do the lash job or not.  How would you know that? It requires some research and awareness of what a lash artist is. Here are some suggested ways to find the best professional lash artist from the substantial lot.

lash extension aftercare

Who is a lash artist or technicians

Did you notice we call them artists or technicians? Both terms refer to a person who has specialized technical and aesthetic aspects of a lash extension job. They are licensed or certified professionals from well-reputed institutes. Due to the sensitive nature of this work many states in the USA require a cosmetologist or aesthetician certification to start a job or business.

Having mentioned legal description, it’s essential to point out major attributes that a professional lash artist should have to gauge his skill and competency.  This beauty procedure demands a good skilled, stable hand with a high esthetic sense to create a unique set of lashes according to every individual’s eye shape and facial structure.

A certified lash artist can work in a salon, spa, lash parlor, or plastic surgery office. They may work as an independent business owner.

Research to find a professional

Basic research is the first step towards your goal. There are two ways to dig into this matter

  • Google your queries
  • Ask some friends and people who have gone through lash extensions

At this stage, your priority should be investigating

  • What the procedure is? Pros and cons, complications, and their solutions. Never be afraid of asking questions they will help you understand the actual process, and lash extension aftercare. Knowing the process will eventually help you assess the expertise of lash tech and the quality of work you get afterward.
  • Make a list of lash parlors or artists in your area. It will be helpful in the long run as you can approach them easily for future research or touch-ups.
  • You can use social media; Facebook or Instagram to find lash services or a professional. A simple way is to enter the name of your city and word lash in the search bar. You will get hundreds of suggestions and hashtags to proceed ahead. use these hashtags to go deep.

Do some online investigation

Investigate online and then decide to visit the selected place. Nowadays every professional has an online presence and they are extremely serious about their online projection.

License and certification

The best artists know they are the best and proudly show off their skills and certifications. You can even get a chance to know how updated they are with newer trends and techniques. Consider a lash artist having trained multiple times.

A good artist is certified by a high-end training place and has good years of experience. However never be afraid of a new artist if he has got training from a well-reputed lash parlor or school.

View their portfolio

Check their website for professional pictures of their work, not stock photos That you can find anywhere online. Do notice how regularly they post photos of their work, it helps to know they have frequent clients and ongoing work.

A good artist will ensure to post close-ups to showcase the quality of his work. Study their work closely through pictures and be aware of photoshopped stuff.

Read the reviews

Read reviews by the clients this way you can gauge the quality of services and overall attitude of the parlor representatives.

Notice their social media presence

You can gauge their professionalism and brand personality by analyzing their social media presence. These outlets are a great way to compare work, promotions, and priorities towards clients. If they are not active or present their move on to another artist.

Do they offer consultation services?

If they offer a consultation before the appointment, it’s a great sign of a good lash artist. It provides an opportunity to chat with the lash stylist and discuss questions and concerns you have in mind. This can be an educational session for you and the artist can advise the best lash extension style that suits you. You can tell about your allergies or health issues and come up with a solution.

Compare the budget

Someone has rightly said, Cheap lashes are not great, and great lashes are not cheap. Lash extensions are an expensive beauty procedure, be ready for paying high. Don’t ever try to go for cheap options it can be injurious to your eyes and health.

However, do compare the price and services of different last parlors.  Select the artist that sets in your budget, and if a good artist demands more than your budget, raise your budget instead of compromising on ordinary work.

Make a phone call

Before visiting make a phone call if you have any queries left unanswered while visiting the website. It will show you how prompt and responsive they are towards their clients.

Artist availability

A good artist never sits idle. The availability factor shows how skilled and popular they are. A skillful stylist is usually booked for a week or two so be patient.

A referral is great to get

If you are afraid of doing it on your own ask a friend who has got them done.  A reference is a lot more convenient as you have practical results in front of you. Ask about the place and specifically the lash artist’s name and go for it!

Visit the place yourself

You cant blindly trust a place without a visit. Visit a place to ensure the certification and ambiance they presented online is valid. There are set standards for lash parlors to maintain. Look for following

  • Is the salon place clean, organized, well equipped, and professional?
  • Usually, good saloons showcase their certifications and licenses in the reception area otherwise do ask them about it.
  • Make sure the working area is clean, and the workstation and equipment are sterilized after every application.
  • Discuss the products they use.
  • Responsible lash saloons have complete sterilization facilities for equipment or use disposable lash bed covers, sheets, and pillows to maintain high hygienic standards.
  • Lash workers are tidy and follow good hygiene practices, and sanitize their hands before service.
  • View some past lash extensions jobs photos or videos there.

Don’t hesitate to discuss all this with the parlor representative  If you are comfortable and satisfied with the overall atmosphere, ask about the procedure and set an appointment. Discuss the schedule and just go for your luscious lash journey.

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Take Away

Finding the best lash artist is a bit time-consuming, for the sake of your beautiful peeps, luxury fringes don’t be afraid of investing in a few hours. Once you have found the right person that time will be more than worth it. Keep in mind that lash extensions aftercare is your responsibility, for any negligence and after-effects lash artist is not responsible follow the aftercare instructions for greater results.

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