Lash extensions and lash lifts are designed to add fluff, texture, and lengths to natural lashes. Both services are gaining popularity among people having short, straight, or light-toned lashes, as they can create a noticeable difference by framing eyes with fuller, curlier, luxe lashes.

Once you decide to have a lash boosting treatment, you start tossing up between lash extensions or lash lifts. What they actually are? What is the difference between both? Which is right for you? It’s hard to choose a clear winner. Below explained details are meant to clarify your doubts about both so that you can make a suitable decision for yourself.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are added lash strands to enhance natural lashes. Artificial lashes are bonded one by one to an individual natural lash with medical-grade strong glue. They last for 3 to 6 weeks following your natural lash shedding cycle. The accuracy and finish look of the procedure depends on the expertise of the technician

Lash Lifting

Lash lifting doesn’t involve any aid; your natural lashes are permed and curled from roots to tips, to make them look fuller and longer. A non-toxic solution is applied to natural lashes that break the structural bonds of the hair and then reconstruct them. It doesn’t add extra length and volume instead it enhances natural lengths and creates curl by perming the lashes.

The basic differences between the two

To decide which procedure is right for you. You should know some basic differences between the two.

Time consumption

The extension procedure can take 2 hours depending on the lash style, the number of lash strands, and the expertise of the lash artist.

Lash lifting is quick, it’s surely less time-consuming. A lash lift appointment would hardly take 1 hour to get the job done from start to finish.


In the customization factor, lash extensions are the winner. Lash extensions have an array of customization options. You’ve application method options, classic, hybrid, and volume. Secondly, you can choose levels of lashes dramatic, natural, medium, or extreme.

Your lash artist decides a lash style after examining your lash health and condition, facial features, eye shape, size, and personal preferences. They choose a suitable length, curl, and thickness according to the desired look and natural lash health. A specialized mapping is done for every single customer.

Lash lifting is for your natural lashes so it lacks this opportunity. However, you can pair lash lifting with tinting in the same session. It will add an additional boost to natural lashes.

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Finish Look

Lash lifts enhance your natural lashes; you can flaunt natural-looking wispy curly lashes.

On the contrary, Lash extensions look quite artificial and made up. One can easily judge you are having an unnatural lash line. If you love dramatic voluminous lashes lash extensions have an edge for you.

Chemical adherence

Both the procedures involve chemical treatment. Lash lifting solutions are chemicals and lash extensions are glued with chemically made adhesive. But there is a distinctive factor that creates the difference.

Lash lifting involves chemicals briefly during the process for 10 to 15 minutes and then removed. There are very few chances of irritation or reaction. Lash extensions are glued for weeks to natural lashes until they fall off naturally. It increases the chances of reactions.


There is a major role of natural lash shedding and growth process in both procedures that affect longevity. Lash lift lasts for 3 to 6 weeks depending on how fast your lashes grow and fall. The tips remain curlier unless the lash strands fall off.

Lash extensions have a different story, with natural growth, your extensions go far from roots day by day, and it becomes difficult for natural hair to bear the weight. After 2 weeks lashes start looking scattered without upkeeps, and you might need to get the leftovers removed or get a refill.


Lash lifting requires low maintenance. You can continue your normal routine life after one 24 or 48 hours resting period. After that, you can apply nourishing products, mascara as usual.

Conversely, lash extensions require extreme maintenance and upkeep. You would need to rush to the saloon after two weeks for refilling sessions if you want to maintain the look. You will have to sleep carefully, avoid steam showers and oil-based makeup products as they can break down glue bonds. Lash extensions demand limitations and changes in your makeup and daily life routines.


Lash lifting is a wallet-friendly treatment. It will cost you about $75 to $150 with a longevity factor

Lash extensions are costly; they will cost you about $150 to $ 300. The refills demand more money afterward.

What is the right to choose?                                             

So now you’ve got a clear understanding of both procedures, it becomes easier to decide what you expect from your lash boosting treatment. Before choosing between the two, set your goals and consider the existing condition of your lashes.

  • If you’ve very short lashes lash lifting is not right for you. Even the most skillful and expert artist can’t perform the process perfectly on tiny lashes. Lash lifting need reasonable lengths to uplift them
  • The most important thing, what final result are you expecting. If you want a natural uplifted look, lash lifting is suitable for you.
  • If you want a striking glamorous look, lash extensions are your goal. Lash extensions have an advantage, you can have the option to choose dramatic to lash extensions’ natural look.
  • If you desire a low-maintenance solution lash lift is right for you.
  • You want lovely lashes but budgets limit you, lash lifting will make you look gorgeous. Lash extensions for being costly won’t be right for you.
  • You can choose a combo too; lash lifting for routine life and lash extensions for special occasions.

A pro recommendation

  • Any chemical treatment is not good for people suffering from eye disease, eye allergies, infections, inflammation.
  • You should not opt for them if you have recently gone through an eye operation or currently having medical treatments like chemotherapy.
  • Excessive and regular application of both can result in dry, brittle coarse lashes.  You may suffer lash breakage, sparse lashes. Keeping a balance is essential for natural lashes.

Take Away

Lash lift or lash extensions. Ultimately it all comes around your personal preferences, it’s about what looks suit you best and what look you want to achieve. A lash lift can accentuate natural lashes while lash extensions can give you dramatic long fake lashes. Whatever treatment you choose never compromise your health and comfort.

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