Lash extensions are pretty addicting. Anybody who has tried them can attest to this.

Some individuals often get them for weddings or a memorable trip, so they won’t have to bother about makeup and therefore, can look their best in pictures they will cherish forever. That’s fantastic! Sometimes that’s all they require.

However, many people who get eyelash extensions quickly realize how very much they like them. Many notice how much faster and simpler their daily routine becomes, and many of them can dramatically reduce the amount of makeup they use daily.

Extension eyelashes are a simple indulgence that you may enjoy for the rest of your life. But could they ever be enough? Is it a habit that will last? Is it possible that it may harm your natural lashes? Is it possible to develop an allergic reaction? When should you remove extensions from your lashes?

Continue reading to learn how to identify (and treat!) a lash break.

Do My Lashes Ever Need To Be Free Of Extensions?

You are not the only one if you have been irritated attempting to understand more about lash extensions. Sadly, there has been so much competing information in the public space that distinguishing between reality and myth can be difficult.

Giving Your Lashes a Break is the Theory

The logic behind those who believe that your lashes require a rest now and again is straightforward.

Lash extensions are a type of aesthetic improvement that causes your natural lashes to be stressed. They are acceptable to wear for a couple of lash cycles, but without a break in between, they are just too much for your eyelashes to manage.

There is some truth to that hypothesis since there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that certain lash users notice higher lash loss when they use extensions month after month. Following multiple applications of extensions in a row, some people develop itchiness. At the same time, the research shows that most eyelash users never have those kinds of issues.

Reasons to Take a Break

Let us pretend you are one of several millions of other women who haven’t suffered eyelash loss or discomfort due to using extension lash regularly. Are there any additional reasons why resting your lashes is a good idea? It turns out that there are:

  • If you realize you are not entirely as dedicated to your eyelash washing regimen as you should be, take a break – at least unless you are in the practice of cleaning them every day. Discomfort, infection, and other issues might result from neglecting that region.
  • Do you choose your lashes? When you can’t keep your hands away from your eyelashes all day, your natural eyelashes are probably not healthy. Allow them to recover their strength and give more significant support for those extensions by taking a break.

How Often Should I Give My Lashes A Break From Extensions?

1.   Remove them in a manner that is convenient for you.

With a gap, you have two choices: let eyelashes fall out naturally or visit a salon to have them properly removed.

A standard lash set requires around five to six weeks to shed fully, but again, there may be a few stubborn stragglers. If this is more convenient, we say go for it!

A salon removal is recommended for individuals who wish to quit smoking cold turkey. A technician applies a removal serum to your eyelashes and takes off the extension lash, a very straightforward procedure.

2.   Consider using a serum.

Eyelash serums are an innovative approach to resurrect your lash game; these specially formulated treatments are intended to aid in the growth of your natural eyelashes.

When applied regularly, most decent lash serums contain nourishing and stimulating chemicals that can enhance your lashes. These treatments generally show results within a few weeks, so pairing a serum with a break is like taking a spa vacation for your lashes.

3.   Wait patiently.

When you have had any questionable eyelashes done and ended up with such a blotchy solid block of blackness, your natural eyelashes may well have taken a battering and will take longer to recover.

We strongly advise taking a break if it has happened to you, especially if your lash line is showing signs of wear. When your eyelashes are delicate but a touch spotty, try getting a very light/au-natural set done until your lashes have recovered enough to handle a thicker set.

4.   Make sure the timing is right.

And there is no hard-and-fast rule for how long you should go without extensions, but at least a month is still a good start. This allows your lash cycle to reset, allowing those baby eyelashes to come in thick and healthy. It also allows any extension eyelash serums a shot to do their job correctly. If you generally go for a glam appearance, timing your break certainly up to the week before the big event might be an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself. Some people go months without lash extension, while others want one — it’s entirely up to you!


When you don’t have any lash loss or irritation issues, cleanse and look for your eyelashes and extensions daily, and don’t tug on them frequently, you probably don’t need to worry about giving your natural lashes a rest.

You could even be able to pull off no-makeup appearances in style as never before, albeit it will require ongoing maintenance. Most customers also appreciate the idea that they may try on different fashions every month.

Moreover, there are several styles to choose from. Take a peek at Appearanz’s professional eyelash trays and eyelash extensions equipment before you get your new lash extensions.

  1. Appearanz’s J-Curl Mixed-Length Lash Trays are the best on the market, created by their experienced lash experts. These lash trays are soft and lightweight, making them ideal for fans ranging from 2D to 10D!
  2. Also, have a look at B-Curl Mixed-Length Flat Lash Trays. Flat Lashes are lighter and have a larger bonding surface than standard lash extensions. As a result, they provide more excellent retention and do less harm to natural lashes.

Bottom Line

Clients frequently inquire about when they should take a break for the protection of their lashes’ health. Their main concern is that lash extensions are straining or causing their natural eyelashes to fall out quicker than they ought to. What is the solution?

Eyelash extensions that are appropriately done may be worn eternally – as much as the eyelash extension is the suitable size, weight, and thickness for your natural eyelashes, there’s no reason why they would be destroyed.

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