The eyelash trend is on the rise. They are everywhere; your favorite celebrity, your best friend, your mom, and me. It’s like a field day to look beautiful and glamorous.

The only problem is there are several of them and it is bringing doubt and skepticism. There are questions on what type to choose, is there an alternative, and are they safe on the natural lash ?. All these and many more are reasons for coming up with this post. It contains answers to your question and more. Read on to find out more!

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of lash attached to the natural lashes individually. Some may even come in small clusters (3-5 individual lashes on a strand). You can decide to go for full set extensions where lash fibbers are attached on all strands of natural eyelashes on your lash line. You can also opt for partial sets, where the extensions are applied on certain natural strands.

They are made from different materials; mink, faux-mink, silk, and synthetic.

  • Mink

Mink lashes are made from real animal fur. They give a very natural finish, almost like your natural eyelash. Personally, I’m not a supporter of animal cruelty, so I wouldn’t say mink lashes are the best kind of lash extension.

  • Faux mink

Faux mink is cruelty-free and feels like real mink hair. They are man-made fibers with a similar texture and feel as the mink lash. They are the most natural-looking lashes and the best kind of eyelash extension you can think of. Check out Appearanz faux mink eyelashes.

  • Silk lashes

Silk lashes are not made from real silk, they are heavier than faux mink lashes and not as comfortable as it. Still, they are suitable for special occasions to give a glamorous look.

  • Synthetic extensions

Synthetic lashes are the heaviest and most unnatural looking, but they have lusters and are not easily damaged. They retain their curls even when wet.

Why Choose Eyelash Extensions?

It gives a natural finish

Lash extensions are applied on the natural lash strand individually, to make it look natural. Not too much drama, unless you go for the strand with unnatural thickness and length.

It comes in different thickness

There are extremely lightweight ones that are finer and thinner than the natural lash. They have a thickness of .03mm, .05mm, and .07mm

Thin extensions have a thickness of .10mm and .12mm. They are suitable for thinner and finer natural eyelashes. They are the best kind of eyelash extension for a wispy look with a softer feel.

The 15mm is averagely thick and it best suits natural-looking thick lashes. The .20 gives a mascara-like thickness.

Different Length

Lash extensions come in different lengths. It ranges from 8mm to 14mm. There is also the mixed length, like the Appearanz mixed lash tray, which is the best. It allows varying the choice of lash extension length.

It Comes in Different Curls

Lash extensions come in different curls; the B, C, D, and J curls.

The J curl lashes are one of the most natural-looking lashes that work best for those with thick lashes pointing upward or straight. When used for those with straight pointing lashes, it gives a lifting effect. But on upward-pointing natural lash, it gives an open eye effect. This kind of curl is not suitable for downward-pointing lashes.


The B curl gives more curl to straight natural lashes than the J curl and it has more curl than it too.  Just like the J curl, B curl has a subtle effect, and it looks excellent on those with inner corner lashes.

C curl eyelash is one of the trendiest. It has more curl than the precious curls. It is suitable for clients with slightly curled natural lashes to add drama to the eye and open eye effect. But more suitable for those with slight downward-pointing lashes.

D curls are similar to the c curl lashes. They are the best kind of eyelash extensions for clients with down-pointing natural lashes who wants more drama in their eye. The curl on this kind of lash is noticeable. It shouldn’t be used for those with hooded eyelids or upward pointing lashes. The eye extension may poke the client’s eyelid.

However, if you can’t make a choice, you can as well request a mixture of these curls to vary the curls and mimic your real lash.

Eyelash Extensions Can Be Customized

Yea, that’s one major advantage of lash extensions. You can arrange it the way you want. There are three different ways to customize it; classic lashes, volume lashes, and hybrid or mixed lashes.

  • Classic lashes or simple fan lashes are the best kinds of eyelash extension to look simple and natural because it only adds length not volume to natural lashes. Their strategy for application is one individual lash extension per each strand of real lash that 1:1.
  • The volume lashes, add volume and more drama to your lash. It comes in a 2D-6D size range. Although they are full, they are also more lightweight than the other two. The only downside is that it is time-consuming. So most times, they are pre-made before appointments.
  • The hybrid lash is there for added effect. It is a mixture of classic lash and volume lash in a 70 to 30 ratio, which is 70% classic and 30% volume. The idea is to place the volume lash at strategic points on the classic lash. Although classic lashes are simple, they also come in a range of thicknesses and styles, as well as materials.

Bottom Line

Wondering where to get your natural lash extension? Appearanz online store has some of the best kind of eyelash extensions at affordable prices to suit your beauty need. There are also falsies available in the store as an alternative. Visit the store to add them to your cart today!

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