Eyelash extension is a procedure that needs professional training, surgical precision, patience, great sense of responsibility. More than all a lash artist should have a high aesthetic sense, innate style, and creative flair. Creating natural lash extensions is not just an aesthetic task, a lash artist should have basic medical training, complete knowledge of instruments and materials they are going to use, and full awareness of lash styles/ face structures to portray the client’s personality through lashes.

Lashing is an inventive, ever-growing industry. New techniques and styles are accelerating day by day. For a beginner lash artist who just has stepped in the line, self-education and knowing some “lash artist tips” are essentials.

Classic lash extension

Lash extension started with classic lash extension. Classic lashes are applied 1:1 ratio scale. Which means one lash hair is glued to one natural lash.

Since you are new to the art, some pro tips will definitely help you grow in the business. First of all, get trained from a professional institute start from scratch even if you already know about classic lash extensions. As a novice develop some habits to reach a new level of professionalism.

  • Practice

Consistent practice is the key to precision. To convert into Pro from beginner a focused, conscious effort and practice is important. Schedule a few free clients every week to practice your skill. It will train your brain, body and help improve your skill.

  • Save a track record

Take before and after photos of your models. The track record will help you improve yourself.

  • Don’t Rush

Lashing is not a rush, consider it a marathon. A successful career in this industry is all about a steady pace and developing useful habits.

Lashing sessions are very demanding, your body and vision would need a rest so take breaks of at least two hours after every session.

  • Quality check

Always stick to state-of-the-art quality products. Low-graded product use will never help you grow as a lash artist. Ultimate quality will build trust and increase your reliability in the market.

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Stay natural

Classic extensions are traditional and the most popular style. As a beginner artist always keeps in mind, the clients seeking classic style are expecting a natural-looking enhanced lash line. The first lash artist tip is don’t try to make them stand out by giving heavy look. Stay natural and flowing.

Give it some time

Although the classic style is the simplest for an everyday look. give it proper time. The standard time duration for efficient application is about 1.5 or 2 hours per client for full set lashes. For 2 to 3 week fills it would take 1 to 1.5 hours. As newbies try to stay calm and focus on perfect application rather than time. Do not take too long or short sessions.

Isolation tips for beginners

Isolation allows lashes look natural and sleek. For natural lash extensions, isolation is extremely important. Novice usually struggles to keep lashes isolated before and after application. Some tips of isolation are;

  • Use the right tools

Uses the suitable that match your experience level, for example, if you are not good at isolation, don’t use an adhesive that dries quickly. It will dry immediately and won’t allow repositioning lash strands. Likewise buy the best quality tools that suit your application style.

  • Let the lash adhesive settle

Eyelashes stick and clump if you are not letting adhesive fully dry before the next lash application.

To ensure stable application always holds the lash in place for a few seconds, after adhering it to the natural lash.

  • Start with baby lashes

Usually, beginner lash artists waste too much time looking for an ideal lash to apply the lash. In classic style, every lash needs an extension. As a pro tip start with difficult baby lashes first and then move on to longer lashes.

Glue hazards

Using the right amount of glue is necessary for classic lash extension. When using glue to a single lash strand follow these rules

  • Don’t swipe lash into glue, it will create a film on the strand that will dry very soon.
  • Scoop the tiniest ball of glue on a strand, not a big blob
  • To scoop the right amount, scoop slowly. Scooping faster will catch too much glue onto the lash.
  • For classic lashes, dipping 2mm lash at a 90-degree angle is enough to grab the right amount of glue.

Determining the correct style

Determine the correct lash style for the client. Select length, curl, and thickness, appropriate for the client. Consider, natural lash size, the direction of growth, facial bone structure, the distance of the eyes, eye shape, and size.

Classic lash lengths

Choose the right lash length according to your client’s natural lengths. Do not go more than 2 to 3 mm longer than the natural lashes (20% longer than natural lashes). Otherwise, they will not look natural and weigh heavy on natural lashes. The most popular length of classic lashes is between 9 mm to 13 mm.

Lengths above 13mm are used in Hybrid extensions

Length chart for classic style

Inner corners                           5mm to 8mm

Medium                                    9mm to 13mm

Natural long lashes                   13mm to 14mm


The common thickness for classic lash is 0.15 mm. although it ranges from 0.5mm to 0.25mm. Always follow the natural thickness of the client’s lashes don’t go too thick to avoid an unnatural lash look.


Curls too have variation. C curl is the most popular to create natural lash extensions, for some clients, you can mix two different curls to give a more realistic and blended look.

Follow pre-treatment rule

Ask your clients to without makeup to save valuable lashing time. Wash or clean natural lashes otherwise a bad lash day is expected.

Set right distance from the lid

Classic lash wearers mostly tend to look natural. Lash application too close or too far from the lid, both are bad. Stick to the ideal distance between 0.5 mm to 1mm from the lid.

Drawing a map

Start drawing an eyelash map when your client’s eyes are open, it will help you determine the exact middle of the client’s iris.

Keep an eye on the lash direction

Consider the base and tip direction of the lashes. To help determine and check tip direction during the procedure, use a small mirror tool throughout the treatment.

Placing patches

Use flexible patches and start placing them from the inner corner and gradually moving outwards.

Take Away

Classic lash extensions are most likely the first step for a beginner lash artist. Take it as a career, not a job. Developing yourself through self-education will move you towards mastery each and every day. Stay present and focused at the moment with steady hands. In this profession, even the most experienced need to keep practicing, learning, and perfecting to give the best possible results. So keep reading, learning, and never give up.


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