The fashion culture now a day is incomplete without long fluttery, luscious lashes.  All beauty lovers envy the models having lush fringes. This craving eventually introduced the most exciting beauty trend the fake lashes followed by revolutionary innovation “lash extensions”. This semi-permanent technique was welcomed and embraced by all girls who wish to have eye-catching dark long fake eyelashes.

Are eyelash extensions useful?

YES, definitely they are. Eyelash extensions are praised not only for aesthetic reasons but for their utilitarian aspects. Unfortunately, not all are blessed with genetically perfect eye frills, these lash strands glued to natural lashes give you a feel of naturally pretty fringes. They are the true time-saver friend of lash lovers. In fact, Lash enhancing is no more a celeb beauty ritual; women from every walk of life have adopted this latest trend for its usefulness.

No artificial looks

This nifty eyelash enhancing technique is extremely natural-looking. There is a reason; a single lash strand is carefully attached to one natural lash with a medical-grade adhesive. The lash construction is so natural that no artificial looks are possible. A natural volume and boldness are evident after the procedure. That usually is not possible in any other method of lifting lashes. you can call them natural fake eyelashes, for sure.

The practicality of the Material

Most synthetic materials are chosen for lash extensions, for their practicality and usefulness plus they are quite affordable. Real hair lashes are pretty expensive and are not affordable for all. Synthetic lash strands are pre-set to various contours for customized looks.

They are made of PBT or Polybutylene Terephthalate, it’s a thermoplastic that can hold curl longer than real hair. The material has the ability to withstand heat up to 150 C. An interesting fact is, the PBT used for eyelash extension possesses higher insulation properties that can even block Ultraviolet rays. But it doesn’t mean you stop wearing sunglasses.

Join APPEARANZ to find absolute professional eyelash extension trays. A variety of lengths, curls, diameters are there for customized selection. Mixed lengths of curls in one tray are also available.


The factor that raises the usefulness bar high is its customization. Every eye has a different shape and every face has different features. Natural lash conditions are not the same, some may have very thick or sparse, and some have straight or short lengths.

When you set an appointment with lash technicians they design a perfect lash style exclusively for you.  They map out a design to determine a face profile individually. Then decide the customized length, curl, thickness and style. Even the lash glue is selected following the client’s allergic sensitivities. The results are happy satisfied you, which is hard to achieve anyway.


Go swim whenever you want. Eyelash extensions are water-resistant. You can take shower with your luscious lashes. They give you the liberty to continue your spa and swimming routine. Isn’t it a great utility this magical procedure offers you?

However, it doesn’t mean you drench them in the water. To enjoy this opportunity you would need to follow some very simple rules, but they are worth it. Whenever you get your extended frills wet, to dry, blot them with a towel instead of rubbing them harshly. A gentle brushing after drying off will definitely benefit you.

Reduce eye makeup routine

You are a corporate worker, student, or mother, makeup is something you apply either in the morning or on special events. Eye makeup took most of your getting-ready routines. False eyelash applying is one hectic part that takes tons of your time in front of the mirror.

Eyelash extensions are an easy and handy way to reduce your makeup routine. Imagine you won’t need curling lashes and, applying mascara.

Eyeliner and mascara at the same time.

Can you imagine, going out without putting on mascara and eyeliner? Eyelash extensions can make this possible for you. This practical aesthetic procedure will give you a beautifully lined up eyeliner look. The lash hair fills up the bottom lash area and creates a dark thick natural fake lash line. The thickened lash flares allow you to skip mascara.

Put together look

Eyelash extensions give you an all-day-long put-together appearance. This is the most significant benefit you can enjoy. Coming out of bed or shower, workout, or office, you won’t have to look into the mirror for the fear of smudged or smeared mascara.

Lifted lashes

Forget taking eyelash curler in your bag and the struggle you put in curling your frills. A simple way to say goodbye to heated curlers is eyelash extension. The extensions have various curls from natural to dramatic according to your preferences.

Extension curls are angled in such a way that opens up and brightens the eyes. The most popular curl is the “j” curl, it gives a slight tilt that is subtle and gives a natural look to every eye. “M” curl is just like a lash lift, dramatic and exaggerated. It widens the eyes and is the best for natural straight lashes.


No makeup required

One favor it will do to you, you don’t have to worry about someone catch you without makeup. On a serious note, in earlier times before fake lashes and lash extensions, mascara was the favorite tool to go out makeup-less. The same is the case with extensions you can go out without applying makeup still looking gorgeous. They enhance your eyes and eye color too.

The low-risk factor

This is a safe process for sure. How do you measure the usefulness of a beauty procedure? One potential parameter would be how much risk is involved. At home messing up with glue-like an amateur can seriously harm your eyes. Lower down the risk by reaching out to an expert lash extension handler.

The selection of experienced, certified technicians is the first step towards the safety of your eyes and natural lashes. The second step that will reduce the risk factor way down is how much you take care of and maintain your extension well. Don’t compromise on price consult the best salon and follow the maintenance routine advised by your lash expert

Take Away

Eyelash extensions are definitely useful. You just have to adjust to a new eye care routine. But the utility you will receive in reward will be greater than these simple changes in your lifestyle. . The benefits of semi-permanent lashes are far beyond just beautifying and widening the eyes, they give immense confidence and glamour to feel within you.

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