Eyelash extension is a procedure that requires surgical precision, patience, responsibility, and serious training on the part of an esthetician. Eyelash extensions help women save time on daily makeup and create an expressive and vivid image.

The profession of eyelash maker attracts specialists from other areas of the beauty industry (manicures, pedicures, hairdressers), as well as people interested in fashion trends. I’m going to share the things professional eyelash artists should know.

Eyelash production is suitable for both primary and part-time work. Monthly income and career growth have a direct correlation with your personal motivation. Artistic taste, innate sense of style, and creative flair help drive the beauty industry forward, but marketing knowledge is important: promoting your business online will attract new customers.

Generally speaking, one can become an eyelash extension specialist in a relatively short period of time. Many eyelash artists started working without a significant financial boost, offering their services at home rather than in a beauty salon. You would think that creating eyelashes has mostly to do with the aesthetics of the beauty industry, but even here the theoretical knowledge is quite important.

Eyelash artists must have basic medical training, know the different tools and materials, must be able to determine what type of extension is suitable for a given situation in order to represent the character of the client in a sympathetic light.

Incorrect Treatment Table Height

In addition to chronic neck and back pain or spinal disorders, there are many reasons why incorrect treatment table height can affect eyelash service. make sure that does not happen.

Customer Adhesive Selection

Do you know how to choose the right adhesive for your eyelash service? There are no generic eyelash extension adhesives that are right for everyone. This is because there are different types of eyelash glue that you can choose from depending on sensitivity, drying time, hold, viscosity, color and much more.

Customer Based Eyelash Extensions

If you have a generic eyelash extension purchased from the street store and plan to use the same on every customer, you will quickly get bad publicity. To choose the best eyelash extension for your clients, ask them about their needs before finalizing based on length, volume, count and curl or style.

Missing Latest Aftercare Extension

Do you provide support services for your eyelash extension service? we are not kidding. You may know that urea, glycol, and PEG are dangerous for eyelash extensions. But does your client know that too? Let him know.

Quality Tools Affect Results

It is very important to note that the quality materials used in lash making will definitely influence the result, so don’t skimp on materials and tools – their quality will affect your work and your reputation.

The starting material set consists of:

  • Eyelash extensions (it is recommended to have eyelashes of different lengths on hand) Premium glue
  • Special remover for quick and easy removal of the extensions
  • Degreaser to clean the eyelashes before the procedure
  • Primer to improve adhesion between natural and artificial eyelashes
  • Hand sanitizers and tools

Even for a beginner it is very important to choose professional tools for the job. These include curved and straight eyelash tweezers, brushes, microbrushes for precise application of eyelashes, jade stones or glass glue palettes, glues, instrument sterilization trays.

Choosing the right tweezers is the cornerstone of producing quality eyelashes, so this problem deserves a more detailed explanation. This is an essential attribute of the procedure because you can grab the fine artificial eyelashes and stick them on the natural eyelashes only with tweezers. This process requires precision and surgical precision and thanks to the tweezers, it can be done efficiently and quickly.

When choosing the tweezers pay attention to the following features:

Lightweight: The eyelash extension procedure may take several hours, so the light tweezers will be more comfortable to use. tweezers are made of medical grade stainless steel: they are not only lightweight, but also wear resistant.

Easy pinching of the edges: This aspect also affects the comfort of the eyelashes during the procedure. such coatings look very original and beautiful, but in reality, it does not always contribute to comfortable work. After disinfection, tools with colored coating can lose their glamorous appearance, and the glow of the mirror finish can cause discomfort. choose eyelash tweezers with a satin (matte) finish – these tools do not glare, provide a reliable grip and their appearance does not deteriorate over time. Such tools not only accelerate but facilitate the achievement of obtaining the desired result. Every lash master can now choose the right pliers and reap the benefits of using the right tool.


We recommend that at the end of the Beginner Eyelash Maker training you only start working with multiple clients for about a month (if you do everything right, they will probably become your repeat clients later). To build your customer base and attract new people, it is not enough to complete the training and gain a good understanding of all the ins and outs of the process. For a successful and profitable job, it is important to develop marketing skills and start promoting yourself and making yourself known, networking with colleagues.

To promote your service;

  • Promotional flyers and business cards: Flyers describing your services are a traditional but effective method of attracting new customers. They can be distributed in shopping malls, beauty salons and specialty stores. Meet established eyelash makers, find out what your target audience wants – it will help create effective and recognizable advertising.
  • Promotion on Instagram: Social media can be a big help for the novice eyelash maker. In particular, Instagram is a perfect tool to share photos of your work and advertise your services. Additionally, beauticians who run their own account are generally more trustworthy: a potential client can inquire about pricing before making an appointment, contact the be personally, and view the eyelash manufacturer’s portfolio. The main trick of Instagram promotion is to post beautiful, colorful photos with detailed descriptions. Promotions and interactive events will help you stay in touch with the public.


Even if you are still operating at home, equip your “office”: buy professional tools, post training certificates, create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere so that clients have pleasant emotions and develop fond memories of the procedure.

Don’t underestimate word of mouth – it’s not unlikely that some customers will recommend their friends or family to you – this type of advertising not only attracts new people, but also creates a positive reputation for you as a newbie. who takes responsibility for their work.

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