Using extension eyelashes may be a very normal thing for so many of you out there. Lash extensions bring in volume, thickness, and a gorgeous amount of depth to your natural lashes. As a result, you get the purely stunning makeup look that you desired.

However, lash fallout may be one of the consequences of using lash extensions on a regular basis. Is it normal, though? Let us find out in the articles below.

Do Eyelash Extensions harm your real lash hair?

Well, we would say yes. Lash extensions do harm the natural lash hair to some extent and may cause them to fall out. Applying lash extensions involves several steps, and some of these could damage the quality and look of your lash hair if not done properly. For example,

  • We use adhesives and lash glues to stick the lash extensions onto our lash line. If you use poor-quality adhesives, they can interfere with the growth of your real lash hair. The chemicals used in such adhesives may harm your hair follicles as well.
  • Inserting the eyelash extensions may also cause inflammation around your eyes. This can also be the reason why your lash hair falls out after using an extension eyelash.
  • After you remove your lash extensions, you may notice sparse and short lash hair growth. In some cases, lash extensions could disrupt the natural growth cycle of lash hair.
  • Eyelash extensions do exert some amount of stress on the lash hair follicles, which can shift the follicles into shedding the hair.
  • Prolonged usage of eyelash extensions can also weaken your hair follicles and natural lashes into shedding.
  • Pulling and exerting force on your eyelashes extensions can cause them to break and fall. This can also have adverse effects on your natural lash hair and follicles.

What Can You Do To Prevent Damage To Your Real Lashes?

While there may be numerous causes of lash fallout after using lash extensions, this may not be the case every time. If applied correctly and with the right care, extension eyelashes will not interfere with your real lashes.

In addition, there are some precaution tips you can use to keep your lashes safe and sound. You can preserve their volume and thickness by making sure you are following the proper steps and care. What are they? Let us find out.

  • You can use high-quality lash glue that does not contain invasive and harmful chemicals. This way, you can protect your natural lash hairs from coming in contact with chemically strong adhesives.
  • Do not apply lash extensions that are too heavy for your lash lines. Use soft and light extensions to keep the harmful pressure off your real lashes.
  • Do not use more than one lash extension simultaneously. This will add extra weight to your lash line, consequently damaging your hair follicles and natural ash hair.
  • Never rub your eyes with the lash extensions on. Excessive rubbing can cause your lash hair to fall out in great numbers.
  • Make sure you go to someone who has high expertise in the application of lash extensions. Someone with little or no experience may not know the right steps and care to lash applications. This can lead to damaged real lash hair and fall out.
  • Never pull off the lash extensions by yourself with bare hands. Applying force to the lash extensions will also result in the pulling of your natural lashes. Also, it would be very painful as well.
  • Be very gentle when removing eye makeup. Do not rub overly around the extensions.
  • Take healthy breaks between lash extensions to give time to your natural lash hairs to grow and adjust.
  • Conditioning the extension lashes can also save the natural hair from any damage.
  • Avoid oil-based makeup removers at all costs. Do not use any near your eyes and lash area.
  • Regularly clean your lash extensions using a Spoolie wand. Prevent the dust and debris from accumulating on your extensions to avoid damage. You can also clean them with water to get rid of any makeup residue as well.
  • Try to avoid sleeping with your face rubbing against the pillow or the sheets. Sleeping on your back or sides is the best option while sleeping with lash extensions on. This will avoid any rubbing and friction that is produced as a result. Therefore, your lashes will stay safe and will not fall off.
  • Schedule regular appointments with your makeup technician, who put on the lash extensions. Ideally, 6 to 8 weeks apart would do the work.

The Best Eyelash Extensions

Your hunt for the best eyelash extensions now comes to an end, at last. Let us put a full stop to your long search by introducing you to Appearanz. One place for all your makeup needs! Find all the high-quality lash extensions at Appearanz that will not harm your real lashes. Thus, you can wear them without any worries.

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  1. The J-Curl Single Length Lash Tray is one of the best eyelash products out there. Being soft and lightweight, these extensions’ eyelashes would sit comfortably on your lash line without causing any damage to your natural lashes.
  2. This B-Curl Mixed Length Lash Tray is another high-quality eyelash extension you can lay your hands on. They have a wider bonding surface to give better retention onto your lash line. Hence, they will not come off very easily unless you want them to.
  3. An eyelash extension you can rely on to keep your natural lashes safe and sound. The D-Curl Mixed Length Lash Tray is the best pick for the fans of 2D to 10D. You will love this one. Plus, they will not cause any sort of discomfort to your eyes, all thanks to their lightweight and soft texture.

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