Lash extensions are one of those makeup tools that you would need to ace a look. Eyelash extensions add volume and a great deal of length to your real lashes, making them appear magnificent to the viewers.

A single eyelash extension may not be suitable for all the eye shapes out there. You would need a different kind of extension to match your particular eye shape to nail your makeup outlook.

Do You Have Hooded Eyes?

Before heading on, you need to figure out what kind of eye shape you have. There are many different eye shapes in humans, for example, monolid, hooded, rounded, almond, and more.

To know if you have hooded eyes, you need to check your eyelids.
• If there is no crease, then there is a possibility that you have hooded eyes.
• Note if your lash line looks “heavy and swollen.” If yes, then you indeed have hooded eyes.
So, what type of eyelash extensions suit best on hooded eyes? We will know that shortly!

How To Wear Lash Extensions On Hooded Eyes?

In this part, you will learn how to wear lash extensions on hooded eyes in a seamless way so that it looks gorgeous on your eyes. Here is a step-by-step guide, so remember to follow what each step says; otherwise, you may not get the outlook you desired for.
Tools You Would Require For The Application

• Lash curlers
• Lash tweezers
• Lash glue
• Small Scissors: cut the lash extensions if they are too long for your eyes.

Now let us head on to the steps to wearing lash extensions on hooded eyes perfectly.

Method 1

1. Assess your eye shape and notice in which area they are the most hooded. This will help you ahead in picking out the best lashes for hooded eyes.
2. Make sure your eyes and lash lien are clean.
3. Place strips of medical type over each of your upper eyelids. One strip should lift the outside of the lid, while the other should give a lift from the inside. Remember not to open your eyes during this time.
4. Now, take your tweezers and start separating one eyelash at a time. Do not use more than one lash extension with one natural lash.
5. Dip the lash extension in glue and apply it to your natural lash line. In addition, use only a small amount of glue on the lash extension.
6. Use a mascara wand to brush the extensions to be longer and darker on the outer corners. Using an excellent water-based mascara plays a significant role in the lasting of your lash extensions.

Method 2

1. Use eye patches on your bottom lashes, so they do not come in the way when applying for the lash extensions.
2. Prime your natural lashes and make sure any makeup residue and debris are cleaned off thoroughly.
3. Isolate individual natural lash when applying the lash extensions to avoid any sort of sticking or damage.
4. Once the lashes are applied, wait for some time for the glue to dry off completely. Check for any stickiness before removing the patches.

Tips For Wearing Lash Extensions On Hooded Eyes

Following these tips will make your application smooth and perfect.
• Do not apply lash extensions that have double the thickness of your real lashes because they can noticeably appear fake to the audience.

• Place the lashes 1 to 2 mm from the lash line. This will prevent any damage to your natural lashes and hair follicles.

• Once you are done applying for the lash extensions, make sure no lashes stick to one another.

Choosing The Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

Lash extensions are available in many types, each suiting the features of a different eye shape. They have varying lengths, curls, and thickness so that there is a variety for every eye shape, whether it is small or large.

Different alphabets are used to define the curls of lash extensions, for example, J, C, B, D, L, and more.

• The C curl complements hooded eyes gorgeously. The short and straight base paired up with natural curls at the end of the extensions sits magically on hooded eyes. Apart from this, the 3D Lashes with various lengths bring in the perfect volume and fullness to hooded eyes.

• We would also recommend L and L+ shapes as they have a flat base with intense curls that shoot out from under your eyelids. This lifts the lash line and gives an aura of freshness and brightness to your eyes. Overall, you will be impressed with the look.

The Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

We are happy to inform you that your hunt for the best lash extensions for hooded eyes is now over. You can find an array of amazing lash extensions at Appearanz that will fail to impress you with their superb designs and looks.
In addition, they are made of extremely high-quality materials in order to add durability to the product. So, let us tell you about some of the most beautiful lash extensions available at Appearanz.

C-Curl Mixed Length Lash Extension
The C-Curl Mixed Length is the lash extension you will absolutely admire. They will bring an aesthetic appeal to your hooded eyes that will make you fall in love with your makeup look.

These lash extensions will enhance the texture and volume of your natural lashes so that they appear fuller. With a length between 8 to 12 mm, these will rest awesomely on your hooded eyes.

C-Curl Single Length Lash Extension
These C-Curl Single Length lash extensions are another product you should consider. They have varying lengths and thicknesses that you can choose from to pick the perfect match for your hooded eyes.

Because of high-quality materials, these lash extensions will stay by your side for a long time.

Bottom Line

Now that you know all about lash extensions for hooded eyes, we wish you the best of luck in picking the perfect pair for you. Let us know which curls you like the best in your lash extensions.

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