Eyelash extension technicians are also known as eyelash artists, stylists, or eyelash experts. Eyelash technicians are not just workers who put on lashes on client’s natural lashes. They are the professional experts in all things about lashes. From consultation, designing, and executing the lash extension procedures. This sensitive, artistry requires professional training and certification with years of practice and experience. This emerging career empowers you to tailor your own work-life. A licensed lash expert can be self-employed and manage his own business. Another option is becoming a trainer or lash consultant at any reputed lash extension parlor. To carve a lash stylist career you would need to follow few successful steps:

1- Prepare yourself
Before diving into the eyelash extension training or certification course prepare yourself to get into the profession

Are you fit for the job?
Lash extension is not just a study it’s an art. Start with making sure is it the right career for you.

• Personal attributes
Besides training and experience, it requires some personal attributes like; artistic sensibility, creative and aesthetic sense, patience, precision, perfection, steady hands, concentration, and a desire to learn more. Assess which of these qualities you possess, and practice working on the ones you lack.

• Research
Before opting for the course research various aspects of the skill. What qualifications do you need to join an eyelash extension training school? Study your country or state law and regulation for becoming an eyelash artist. Look for the best suitable training place. Get knowledge of the courses you are going to study. Inspection of all these areas will facilitate your learning journey.

2- Get training and certification
Lash extension Training through online classes or DVDs is just a waste of time. It will increase your knowledge but true learning is under experienced guidelines and practical execution. Practical licensed training is a prerequisite for becoming a lash technician. It is essential even if you are a cosmetologist or aesthetician.

Choose the best training institute

Joining a recognized, well-reputed training institution is imperative. It will teach, train, and issue accredited certificates to become a professional lash stylist. Choose a program that offers high-quality training at a moderate price. Look for the types of courses they offer and start from the beginner step. Many lash extension schools provide career consultation services visit them or consult online. If the training program provides continuous refresher/developmental courses for alumni! What else do you need? Look for these areas for training;

Areas of lash extension training
Every lash training school has its own curriculum but generally, the study includes
• Pre extension consultation and eyelash prep techniques
• Lash bonding and application method
• Different eyelash extension techniques including customized techniques
• Hygiene and sanitation practice
• Eyelash refilling process
• Aftercare instructions
• Eyelash extension removal technique

How training and certification benefit
• It will add credentials to your skill. Clients and salons prefer and trust licensed technicians.
• It will help grow your business.
• It will save you from legal actions

3- Gain experience
The professional qualification of a lash technician doesn’t stop at getting certification and license. The best way to excel in the field is only practice. Work on a salon or beauty service provider location to practice and gain experience under expert guidance. It takes three to six months to have enough experience to call yourself an expert lash technician if you are working in a busy well-established place.

Although working for experience is optional but the experience will help you a lot;
• It will boost your confidence and make you familiar with the working environment
• You will get a bulk of clients to work on.
• There will be a chance to get comprehensive guidelines to work on every single client from your senior technicians.

That will help flourish your skill.
• You can meet experienced people from the lash industry that will eventually help you understand the lash business and its requirements
• You will learn client handling and dealing techniques and attitudes.

How to join a place for experience
• Some lash training places hire or provide information about places that require lash stylists you can benefit from them
• Research online for lash stylist jobs and apply
• Visit a place that provides lash extension facilities. Offer your fresh certified help for lash extension.
• Even if you don’t find a job, offer your free help to assist a lash extension expert. It will be a great learning experience.

4- Set up your workplace
Eyelash technicians can be self-employed and a source of creating employment as well. By setting up your own business you can help generate money for yourself and employments for freshers.

Work from home

Set up a proper sitting and hygienic place to work from home as an independent lash artist. Advertise yourself online or distribute your business card through friends, family, and acquaintances.

Be a service provider at an established place
Contact already established salon or beauty service providers that don’t offer lash extension services. Offer them to add lash extension services to their service list. Work there as an independent service provider. They may charge you a commission. For their established reputation it is worth it.

Startup your own workplace

If you have enough experience and financial assistance start up your own work as an eyelash expert. Rent out a suitable workplace to start your lash salon. To cut down rental expenses and attract more clients, share your space with other beauty service providers.

• Choose a good commercial site. That is spacious, hygienic, and comfortable.
• Make sure to provide the safe and pristine application of lashes along with customized lash looks for every client
• Buy state-of-the-art quality equipment, tools, and product for your salon. Never compromise on quality.

For premium quality purchase for your lash extension workplace trust APPEARANZ Salon Pro Program. At Appearanz we provide worldwide shipping of lash salon essential equipment and tools. We have a vast variety of strip lashes, lash trays and extensions, fake brows, applicators, and tools.

You can buy an exclusive and complete range of lash salon disposable equipment; N 95 masks, respiratory masks, lash stylist gown, lashes application table fitted sheets, pillows, and lash application table cover sheet. All equipment and tools can be customized with free packaging designs, and customized logos printed on them.

5- Introduce your business
After setting up the business advertising your place and expertise is a crucial part to attract clients. If you have established yourself as a lash artist during the experience gaining period, you will certainly have a client base to work with.

Show off your qualification, experience, valuable services, discounts, loyalty offers, and best treatments before and after photos, through broachers, pamphlets, and social media accounts. Social media will be an effective and free platform to introduce your services to clients.

6- Get refresher courses
The Lash industry is evolving every passing day. To meet the upcoming challenges and learn innovative techniques develop your skill by attending workshops and advanced courses. They will refine and revitalize your skill. It will make you more popular and trustworthy in the industry. Learning development techniques will grow and strengthen your business.

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