Having long, fuller, and dark lash lines is every girl’s dream. Voluminous mascaras, False eyelashes, and then came the polarizing trend of eyelash extensions. The trend became popular as it seems a painless and lasting way to achieve long wispy, fuller lashes for several weeks. Like every beauty service, lash extensions need maintenance and aftercare routine. Starters come across as facing problems like irritation, and damage to natural lashes when they try to pull them off. Pulling them off is not the right way to remove lash extensions. Like applying techniques, removing them requires special techniques and expertise.

What are eyelash extensions:

Eyelash extensions are strands of lash-like fibers. The fibers of different lengths, volumes, diameters are attached to your natural lashes. Individual lash strands or a bunch of 3 to 7 (according to your preference) lash strands are glued and attached to your lash hair. No skin contact is involved. These are semi-permanent and can last for approximately 6 weeks. The specially formulated glue material varies from salon to salon.

Lash extensions are available in different materials, Mink, Silk, Faux mink, Faux silk, or any other synthetic material. They have various lengths, curls, and tints. You have a variety of choices to customize your look.

Typically your lash artist suggests a lash type to suit your eye shape and facial features. the whole process is sensitive and precisely designed. Only a licensed technician or esthetician is authorized to do the job.

What happens when you pull out your eyelash extensions:

When your full lash extensions begin to tangle, and start falling off one by one, some half attached to your natural lash, and you don’t have time to get a touchup appointment. You probably Google some DIY ideas to get rid of the leftover strands. You probably think if I can give a Pedi-mani, get a wax, or dye my hair at home then why not remove my lashes too.

That’s where you go wrong,

Lash experts don’t recommend youtube, and Googled methods like using vaseline, castor oil, coconut oil, or tweezers to remove them at home. There is no safe way to do the job at home; they will eventually harm your natural lashes.

Like applying for eyelash extensions, removing them needs special expertise and techniques. You should not remove them at home as they can cause several complications:

Damage natural lashes:

Any attempt to remove them can cause damage to your natural lashes. Lashes are attached individually to your natural lashes. Tugging force to detach lash strands can pull out both lashes. It can result in bald spots on your lash line. The new lash will take time to grow back.

No over-the-counter cream is reliable

 Eyelash experts never endorse over-the-counter solutions to remove lashes. The lash glues are made of special formulas to stay on lashes for longer times. These surgical-grade glues are specially made to protect the client’s eyes. For removing the glue they have special chemically made creams and lotions. Safe for your eyes and the surrounding area.

You can not buy them as over-the-counter, pre-made lotions. Even if you caught a hand on one. It may not be safe for your eyes.

The expertise of the technicians:

A novice can not replace the expertise of an experienced, licensed technician. They have hundreds of hours of training. They know how to handle any complication during the process. They are trained to employ all the safety measures and techniques to avoid any irritation and discomfort.

Proper equipment:

You May not be equipped with the right tools for lash removal. A professional has all the necessary tools to remove them safely without damaging your natural lashes. Picking up them with a regular tweezer can backfire.

The technique:

Glue removal creams are chemicals any contact with your eyes can sting or irritate them. Lashes need a certain technique to apply and then remove safely.

 You are not an expert after all. The expert knows well how long lashes need to dip in the removing solution and when to slide them out. The angle and pressure needed are on their fingertips.


Pulling your lash yourself is dangerous for your eye hygiene. Your tools may cause a bacterial infection and harm your eyes. Technicians have sterilized equipment. They are safe and reliable.

What can you do?

A lash extension can give you a full-length dense lash for several weeks. But as time passes they start to fall naturally. Some may fall due to time expiration or may your natural lash fall cycle. The lash line appears sparse and untidy.

There are two ways to either go for a refill or get them removed.

Refill process

Your natural lash has a growth cycle just like hair. They fall off anywhere between 60 to 90 days and are replaced by new ones.

Refill is a process in which new lashes are placed on natural lashes when previous ones fall off naturally. You will need to refill them every 2 to 4 weeks.

Lash extension removal:

Instead of refilling them or waiting for them to fall out one by one. you can remove them with the help of a professional. They will use specially formulated creams or gels to remove them. The session will take 15 to 20 minutes. Three basic techniques are:

Gel removal

Gel removal is a powerful technique recommended if you need the removal of full lash extension. A gel is applied to lashes, avoiding the skin. After a few moments lashes are brushed with soft strokes the outward moment gently slips out the lash extension without harming eyes or eyelashes.

Banana Peel:

The lashes grow out naturally, this natural growth creates an uneven scattered effect. Banana Peel is recommended to remove these selected grown-out lash strands.

The lash technician firmly but carefully holds natural lash in tweezers. With another tweezer peel away the lash attached to the natural lash.

Pinch technique:

Volume Lash fans are removed using this technique. A quick pinch of the base breaks the bond between the natural and false lash strand. It becomes easy to slide away from the lash fan swiftly without any harm to the natural lash.


Tips to maintain eyelash extension:

To keep your eye flutters tip-top and for a longer period, follow some tips and instructions



  • Avoid water contact for 48 hours after a fresh installation of false frills.
  • Avoid oil-based makeup removers as the oil breaks down the lash glue.
  • Avoid waterproof mascaras, they will stick up to your lashes and need extra effort to wipe off that can harm your lash extensions.
  • Avoid mechanical lash curler
  • Avoid excessive makeup products for lashes, they look magnificent even without makeup.
  • Brush them out with a clean spoolie often.
  • Keep them clean 
  •  Avoid any pull or pluck. avoid playing with them
  • Don’t rub your eyes unnecessarily.

Final Words

Pulling out your lash extension is not a wise decision at all. Instead of trying to pluck and pull them, focus on taking care of them. Self-removal will only cause damage, that’s not worth it.

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