Lash extensions are a great way to achieve high levels of fabulosity. This semi-permanent lash-enhancing procedure helps you eschew the daily hazard of false lashes, mascara minutes, and curling rounds. It takes time to overhaul your fringes but the end results are enormously gorgeous. With all the goodness lash extensions need some special considerations as they do have some drawbacks. A little carelessness can damage natural lashes or cause infections.  Once you get them, lash extension aftercare is badly needed.

Knowing a few facts before lash extensions will lead you to a safe and perfect lash experience. So let’s know what you really need to know prior to the super luxurious lash procedure.

They will last for 6 to 8 weeks

Before getting the artificial strands, you should know they are not permanent. They will last for 6 to 8 weeks depending upon the natural shedding cycle of your lashes, experience of the technician, lash glue used, and how you take care of them.

As for the natural life cycle, each lash is individually glued to a single natural lash. It will naturally go to fall with real lash hair. The average life span of a lash can be as short as two weeks, or it can be as long as 8 weeks. In order to make them last, lash extension aftercare is extremely important.

The expert technician ensures good application and perfect technique that help lashes to stay glued longer.

Comparison of female eyes before and after eyelash extension
Comparison of female eyes before and after eyelash extension

Require fill-up sessions as upkeep

Since each lash is in a different phase of their life cycle. They all won’t fall at the same time. After the initial two weeks, you may start to see gaps. Or they may start getting away from roots due to lash growth. This situation can be put to right in filling up sessions. They are less costly and time-consuming than the first full set.

Regular refills are required if you want to keep lashes up-to-date, no matter how well your lash extension care routine is.

Consider your health

Lash extensions are going to glue on your natural lashes, near your eyes, and sensitive skin around the eyes. Before getting them done consider how healthy your natural lashes are. If you have sparse lashes, your lash hair is weak, you have severe allergies, having eyelash extension is a risk for your health.

In some medical conditions such as; lash hair loss, alopecia, chemotherapy hair loss, mechanical damage (due to curlers or scissors), Trichotillomania. Lash extensions are never recommended they can worsen the conditions.

Brittle, very short, or thin lashes can also not bear the weight of external lashes, consult your physician in such a condition they may advise you supplements to strengthen natural lashes. Once they are in good health you can go for the procedure.

Wrong saloon & style selection is devastating

What the end results are? They depend on how good and experienced your lash artist is?  What style is chosen for your eyes? If you go wrong choosing your artist or select an inappropriate style, expect devastating results.

Lash extensions are a customized cosmetic procedure only a trained certified technician can perform the job well. Before getting lash extensions do in-depth research and select a reliable certified professional to touch your eyes. Only experts can choose a perfectly suitable and realistic style to enhance your specific features. Do look for a good artist, tell them your preferences, and do listen to his advice for quality results

Time commitment and cost

The procedure is quite a time-consuming task and of course, it’s costly.


On average a full set takes about an hour to one and a half-hour. The time consumed depends on the expertise of the lash artist, style, and volume of lashes.

An expert lash artist can complete a complex design in a much shorter time than a newer one. Likewise, a natural lash style will take less time than a high volume dense lash style.


Its bank cracking obviously, on average it cost around US$ 150 to 350 for a full set, half of the full set price for touch-ups, and US$ 30 to US$ 50 for removal. The price depends completely on the place you live, the salon you choose, and the type of style you are getting done.

Beware of allergies

There may be some ingredients of glues or lash material you are sensitive to. Especially lash glues are notorious for their allergic reactions. Taking an allergic test before the process is crucial for your eye and lash health.

You can choose from three types of materials

They are done both in natural and manmade materials. The most natural-looking is the human or mink hair. They behave like real hair lack curl after getting wet and cost you a lot. For ethical reasons and allergic reactions, they are avoided by many.

Faux mink lashes, faux silk are less expensive, have a variety of colors to play with. Look just like real ones. Choosing a material is your personal preference.

Lash extension aftercare

When you are considering lash extensions a proper after-care routine is expected to maintain a magnificent look and your lash health as well. You need to keep them dry for the first 24 hours, avoid oils touching your lashes, and clean them regularly.

You should not sleep on your back or rub your eyes after having them. It will ruin their look and shorten their lifespan. Following your lash expert after-care instructions seriously will be important for better and longer results.

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Change some eye makeup products

They are not like regular falsies. Glued on in the morning and taken off at night. You’d need to alter your daily makeup routine and a few make-up products.

Oil-based makeup products

Oil can break down glue bonds. Any oil-based product applied to your eyes can wreak havoc on your artificial lashes. Be ready to exempt oil-based makeup remover from your vanity.


Quitting mascara is not necessarily important. Mascara is mostly not needed when you’ve got super gorgeous extensions. However, mascara may cause damage to extensions while removing and may shorten the life span. Especially waterproof mascara, oil-based, tube, and fibrous mascaras can seriously ruin lashes.

If you are still interested in coating products to add impact, switching to water-based mascara would be better. Water-based mascara, not too dry or thick will come off easily without damaging lashes.

Avoid Pencil Eyeliner and lash curler

They are a bit harsh and can tangle lashes. So if you are using a pencil liner, shift to a softer product. Lash curlers can damage them severely, off-limit them.

Take Away

Lash extensions are a convenient alternative to strip lashes. You can achieve customized, organized, and pretty lashes every morning without exertion. Although they cost a lot, all the flutter you get for weeks is worth it. Like all good things comes to an end, they will expire in a few weeks but lash extension aftercare will keep your lashes in an excellent position, inspiring, flattering, and striking till they last breath.

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