Wearing an eyeliner has a way of adding more drama to your eye and honestly, your eye makeup is not complete without it. It goes well with your mascara and eye shadow. But what about your eyelash extensions? Can you wear eyeliner with eyelash extension? This article has all the answers to that. Read on to discover more!

Merits of wearing Eyeliner with Eyelash Extensions

Other benefits come with wearing eyeliner asides from defining and accentuating your eye.

Change the shape of your eye

Your liner can make your eyes look smaller or bigger, either way, it changes the shape of your eye and your look. But this strongly depends on the kind of eyeliner look you are wearing. For example,

  • Cat-eye looks good on downturned eyes and monolid eyes
  • Winged liners are great for round eyes, almond eyes, and monolids
  • Smoky liner is good for closet eyes and protruding eyes

In other words, wearing eyeliner creates a new look for you.

Adds volume to your Lashes

In case your eyelash extension is not full enough – like the classical extension, wearing eyeliner can make it look thicker. You can try a bold outline like a thick winged outline.

Adds sharpness to your eye

Sometimes your eye makeup can make your eye look dull especially when wearing matte eye shadow. Eyeliner can add more life to your eye. Sometimes, you may not even need to wear eye shadow your setting powder can also make your eye look dull but with eyeliner, you add more glint to your eye.

Make your eyelash extensions look natural

Why you should not wear Eyeliner with Eyelash Extensions

Although wearing eyeliner with your eyelash extension has its merits, there are other reasons why you may not wear eyeliner with your extensions.

Eyeliner makes your lash fall off

Eyeliners are made of oil-based materials and waxes to add gloss to your eye, but these materials are bad for your eyelash extensions. When they touch your extension during the application, the oil from the liner causes the extension glue to lose hold of your natural lash, making the extensions fall off.

Eyeliner pulls your eyelash extensions

Your eyeliner can tug at your lash extensions when applying it. Most liners with dry formulas – like matte, have no gloss and the application may not be smooth.

Best kind of Eyeliner to wear with Eyelash Extensions

If wearing eyeliner is your indulgence, here are the best kinds of eyeliner to wear with your eyelash extension.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid liners are water-based and can also be removed with water. It comes with a liner pen attached to the cover of the inkpot. They are one of the best lash extension-friendly liners.

Powder eyeliner

Another lash-friendly eyeliner is the powder eyeliner. It’s a compact powder that needs an angle brush for applying it to the eye. It comes off easily too with water and does not destroy your lash extension.

Eyeliner to Avoid with Eyelash Extensions

There are some other liners you need to watch out for when wearing lash extensions. Although they may come classy and sophisticated, they are a bad combination with lash extensions. These liners include;

Waterproof liners

These liners are made with oil and waxes that don’t go well with extensions. These liners make the extension glues less adhesive and the extensions come off quickly. They are thick when applied and don’t come off easily with water because they are water-resistant.

Pencil Liner

No matter the kind, whether the most recent mechanical one or the real “pencil” liner, both are bad news for your eyelash extension. They are the worse kind of liner to wear with your lash. When applying them, you need to put more pressure than normal to get a legible outline. While doing that they tug on your lash and damages the glue. In addition to that, they are also manufactured with wax which is bad for your lash.


Kohl is an eye make for creating smoky eyes, but sometimes it serves dual functions and is used as an eyeliner. They are made from soot and easy to wear without applying much pressure, however, they don’t come off easily. You need to scrub them off and damage your lash in the process. This makes them bad to wear with eyelash extensions.

Cream Liner

If pencil liners are worse, cream or gel liners are the worst. They are the thickest kind of liners available today. They are water-resistant, which is cool, but when it comes to wearing them with eyelash extensions, you may need to rethink. Since they are thick, it requires a lot of pressure to wear them and to get them off. You’d need to scrub them off.

Shimmer Liner

Shimmer liner or glitter liner as some might call it is the new makeup trend. It has an allure on its own and you may be tempted to try it with your lash. Sorry to break your heart but that’s not ideal. I’d tell you why.

First of all, the tiny glitters in the liner can irritate your eye when they get into your eye. Then there is the issue of these glitters getting trapped between your lash.

They may be beautiful at first, adding shimmer to your lash but what about getting them off? You’d need to scrub them off. Still, there is no guarantee they’d all come off.

How to Wear Eyeliner with Eyelash Extensions

If you must wear a liner with your lash, there is a trick to it. First, you need to get a hold of the lash-friendly liner, then follow this step.

  • Hold the liner at the back of your lash before wearing it. You may want to close your eye a little for this.
  • Start lining your eye from the inner corner (close to your nose ridge) to the outer corner.
  • Depending on the kind of look you are aiming for, you may start from the outer corner instead.
  • The most important tip, as much as possible, try not to let your liner touch your lash extension. Apply your liner above your lash line not on it.
  • Wear as little eyeliner as possible. Don’t layer it too much.

How to Remove Eyeliner Without Hurting Your Eyelash Extensions

The best way to remove your eyeliner without hurting your lash is by using a makeup remover. Remember to always use an oil-free product when it comes to your eyelash extensions.

  • Dip your clean makeup brush into the remove.
  • Gently press the brush to your eye and swipe it gently in a single stroke to remove the liner.
  • And you are done.

Bottom Line

You can wear eyeliner with your eyelash extensions, depending on the kind of liner and eyelash extension you are wearing. Liners are good for adding more volume to your lash but they must be water-based products.

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