Did you know that “eyelash extensions” were searched over 110 thousand times on Google in the UK during only half of 2021? Amazing, right?

The massive figure is proof that eyelash extensions are the next biggest beauty sensation and are here to stay. Every fashionista is giving them a try, and man, do they bring out one’s personality! I mean, they look exquisite.

But with so many styles and types, cherry-picking the perfect one to go with your eye shape can be a daunting task. How to know which one will look good?

This article will cover all you need to know about the five different eyelash extensions styles and what eye shapes each caters to. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

5 Fabulous Eyelash Extensions Styles – Picking Out The Perfect One

Gone are the days when one needed shit loads of insanely expensive mascara every time they got ready. Now get a pair of wispies done and wake up with the perfect pair every day.

But, not every style suits every eye shape. There’s a bit more thinking that goes into deciding one. So, to help ease the process, here’s a list of the five hottest styles.

1.   Natural – El Clásico

Do I need to explain? The natural lash extensions follow the eye’s basic anatomy. Their length, volume, and curvature are similar to natural ones and just slightly enhance them. The right ones won’t even let others notice that an extension makes your lashes stand out. Sneaky!

Who Do They Suit?

Almost everyone! Unless one is going for a dramatic look or some extra bling, natural lash extension is the best everyday style.

2.   Open Eye – Long In The Middle

The open eye extensions are considerably longer in the middle of your eyelid and shorter in the corners. This gradient makes the eyes look bigger, rounder, and more open. However, this style may make the eyes look even wider for someone with already large eyes, giving a surprised look.

Who Do They Suit?

Almond eyes, elongated eyes, basically any eye shapes that need a bit of opening in the middle are the perfect candidates for this style.

3.   Doll – Short At Inner Corner

Megan Fox famously uses the doll eye extensions to brighten up her eyes and give a fancy look. These lashes are shorter around the inner edge of the eye, and the rest are relatively long. This style offers a chic look along with opening up the eyes.

Who Do They Suit?

Doll style is much of a favorite among celebrities. It is ideal for downturned or wide-set eyes.

4.   Cat – Long At The End

Like the cat eyeliner, the cat extensions lengthen at the outer corner of the eye, giving a broader and more feminine look. Taylor Swift regularly wears her lashes in this style, as well as Angelina Jolie, who rocks it often.

Who Do They Suit?

Cat lashes look great on round eyes or those not too far apart. However, they are not the perfect choice for downturned or broad-set eyes as they can make them look even more distant.

5.   Staggered – Mixed Up

As the name indicates, staggered eyelashes don’t have a consistent length throughout the lash line. Thus, they are longer in some places and shorter in others. This mix and match gives a highly glamorous look and provides immense volume. It is the go-to style for a fancy event, and many celebs rock it on red carpets.

Who Do They Suit?

Anyone with already fuller lashes can rock this style with ease. It may not pair as well with thinner natural lashes, though.


Let’s not include these in styles; instead, call them some variations.

These are colored extensions or bejeweled ones. Some are dyed in funky colors and look great alone and in combination with black ones. In contrast, others have glittery decals on them to give that extra look.

Tips For Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are delicate and need vigorous care to stay in mint condition. Once you get them done, you need to do some things and avoid some so they don’t shed out too quickly. Here are some tips to ensure their longevity;

  • First, keep them dry for two days
  • Then, wash and clean them thoroughly every day
  • Also, brush through their tips daily
  • Never rub your eyes harshly
  • Keep them away from any cosmetic products containing oil like oil-based mascaras, moisturizers, etc.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face; otherwise, use satin pillow covers
  • Lastly, keep them away from heat and chemicals (facials and peels)

Appearanz – One Place To Get All Eyelash Extensions Styles

Now that you know the basics of eyelash extensions styles, here is the burning question: from where do you get the right one?

Easy peasy, Appearanz! They have gorgeous pairs of falsies in all styles we have discussed above. Plus, you get an enormous choice between materials (synthetic or faux mink) and many fancy detailings like decals or colored ones.

And the best part? All their products are vegan and cruelty-free. The lashes either use high-quality silk or a PBT vegan fiber. So, there is no need to worry about the poor minks that are often slaughtered for making false lashes.

So Get Your Pair Now!

Bottom Line

Eyelash extensions are a foolproof way of looking flawless every day. They make the eyes pop and enhance one’s persona. Plus, they are easier to wear now with so many online tutorials.

There is so much to know about natural lash extensions, but for starters, this article has covered the five basic eyelash extension styles along with guidance about which kind is the most suitable for whom.

And as far as shopping recommendations go, Appearanz is a trustworthy brand that deals in the most drool-worthy pieces. You can get any style and any type of extension, and be sure of top-notch quality.

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