You must be hesitant to get an eyelash extension during the pandemic COVID 19. That’s obvious. You are not the only one who is concerned about technicians coming extremely close to your face for about an hour. In the peak days, it was not wise to visit a salon. Slowly people are coming back to their normal salon routine. But things are far more different than pre-pandemic. It’s better to err on the side of caution before leaving the house or book a salon appointment.

Visiting a salon or clinic for eyelash extension is safe only if you and the salon follow all safety guidelines issued by the health care authorities. The monthly lash extension routine will surely be different from the post-pandemic routine. From taped-down masks to COVID testing. Take some safety measures seriously before and after the appointment for the safety of your family, you, and the salon staff.

Fortunately, most of the eyelash extensions salons and clinics are following the guidelines and taking extra steps to keep their place clean and virus-free.

Get vaccinated and aware:

This is the first step taken not only for your safety but for the people around you.

  • Get vaccinated against COVID 19. 
  • You should be aware of all safety guidelines and protocols related to COVID 19. For you and the place, you are going to visit.
  • Survey before making an appointment. see reviews and salon websites to better understand the environment you are going to sit in for hours.
  • Choose a well-reputed place to get your eyelash extension done during COVID 19
  • Avoid handshakes, hugs, or other greeting ways to maintain distance.
  • Avoid bringing in your personal belongings like purse, phones, try to bring in necessities like a face mask, 

Ask the salon what safety measures they have taken:

Before confirming an appointment ask your salon what safety measures they have taken to safeguard their client’s health. Do not hesitate.

  • Ask about the number of people they have allowed at a time to visit the salon?
  • Are their employees vaccinated?
  • Have they taken measures to maintain distance between people visiting the salon?
  • Get an appointment?
  • Select a salon for an eyelash extension that is allowing customers only on appointments. and do not permit group appointments.

Go alone:

The salons are advised to have less than 50% customers of their actual capacity. Try to not bring friends or kids with you. If anyone is with you, make them wait out of the salon until you get ready.

As you arrive there, check out the number of people around you. Try to reach the salon at the right time to avoid miss management.

How salons have made them safe to visit: 

Salon owners are well aware of the terrible pandemic. They are ensuring the safety of their clients and staff members by following all health guidelines and protocols issued by the health authorities. They have formulated COVID 19 policies and published them on their websites and informing their clients on phone calls.

Some safety measures lash extension salons have taken are:

Reduced capacity:

Salons are operating at reduced capacity. They are serving 50% fewer clients than usual. 


Salons are not catering to visitors. Clients are allowed only on appointments. Some have COVID consent forms too.

Clients are asked to arrive not earlier and later to the set appointment timing. As they need enough time to sanitize the area and equipment between every client.

NO cash acceptance:

To avoid any touch, many salons are not accepting cash payments. For contactless checkouts, clients put in their card information during the booking process at home.

Salon Lobby

Friends, kids, and group appointments are not allowed to maintain social distance. Most of the clinics have only staff members, receptionists, technicians, etc.

  • Touch-free temperature checks are mandatory when clients and staff enter the salon.
  • Clients are asked to either wash their hands with water in the bathroom or hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the salon.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in salons. They are not allowing fashion masks, only proper layered masks are allowed.

Salon sterilization

The salons are properly sterilized. Regular sanitization has become a normal routine. Not just the surface areas, all the equipment utilized during the process are clean and disinfected. All the tools, client’s chairs, lash beds are sanitized before use.

  • An interval of 30 minutes is ensured between the conclusion of one appointment and the beginning of another for a proper sterilization process. Tools, door handles, nobs are disinfected before the arrival of the next appointment.
  • Covers, blankets during the lash extension process are not allowed in most of the salons.
  • Many have arranged disposable pillows and bed coverings for clients’ safety.

Salon ventilation system

Salons are using ventilation systems to purify the air. Clinics are installed with air ventilation systems like those in hospitals. Air purifiers improve the air quality and ensure minimum fume build-up.

Social distance measures in the saloon

The social distance between the salon staff and clients is maintained. The reception person and other office staff are sitting and working at the suggested distance.

Asking for proof of vaccination and COVID 19

Some salons are asking for coronavirus test proof before the appointment date. As they know the risks they can face if someone COVID 19 infected enters the saloon.

Some are making calls to clients a few hours before the appointment dates to ensure the client is not having flu or temperature. If someone has the symptoms salons are rescheduling the appointment dates for clients and staff safety.

The staff is wearing a mask

To avoid any spread of COVID germs, staff and lash technicians are wearing a full PPE kit.

Or wearing a mask is compulsory for both client and technician.

Final Words:

Having an eyelash extension during  COVID 19 is safe if you are well aware and select a renowned salon. From a client’s standpoint having a lash extension during COVID 19 has few changes, wearing a mask and getting a temperature check. All other measures are ensured by the salon you visit. Be careful and mindful when you choose an eyelash extension workplace and make sure they are responsible enough to follow all COVID 19 prevention protocols.

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